CFI for ATP after 90 day program


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Anybody heard anything about them keeping the guaranteed instructor spot around? I think currently it is six months guaranteed, just wondering if they plan on keeping that around for a while. Seems like all the CFI jobs are drying up around the country so this is a bonus if you go through the program.

Also, does anyone know how much their CFI's have to pay to live in their apartments while instructing?


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I just got done with ATP and opted not to work for them but they offered me a job as promised. One of my training buddies took the job and is in jacksonville now.. dont quote me but i think the apartment rental is like 300 bucks a month or something. Pretty fair especially for where guys were staying here, really nice place.


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Ya, real fair considering they pay the instructors min. wage if I recall correctly. I'm guessing I stayed in one of ATP's worst apartments in Smryna, TN, if I were paying even $200 a month for that crap hole, it'd be too much.


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Yeah, i should have included that caveat i guess... the rent usually isnt too bad but its still a huge percentage of your miserable monthly income. I opted not to go with ATP for my first job in hopes of better pay and better QOL at the expense of building hours at a superhuman rate.