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I'm pretty sure there's a good chance that I'm not reading the FARs well enough, but does anybody know if/where parts 61 or 141 require 10 hours of your CFI training to be done in a complex airplane?

I dont have the FAR in front of me but I dont recall 10 hours complex required for the CFI. 10 hours complex is required for
the commercial which is required for CFI...
Under Appendix F to 141, 4a, it talks about the flight training requirement. It simply says you need 25 hours if the course is for an airplane, rotorcraft, or powered-lift rating. I think certain schools just want you to get proficient with the complex prior to the checkride.
There is no additional training requirement for CFI, besides the 3 hours in the last 60 days to take any checkride. If you are doing your CFI in a 141 environment, then that is where the 25 hours of training come from.