CFI Checkride coming up with Rick Krietemeyer

Paul C

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Does anyone know anything about Rick Krietemeyer in OKC for the CFI checkride? I can't find anything online about him!


He's known as the "Eliminator". He has also been known to physically assault candidates in addition to pink-slipping them. There is good intel that he's killed at least five men in various bars and such around the globe while working as a "contractor" for "the company". His pet peeve is people who under-dress for the checkride - wear a suit. At the least a tie, but a suit is better.

Good luck!


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So does anyone know what he is really like?

I don't know him personally, but apparently he is a former Part 121 type. He is type rated in B-737, B757/767, BA-3100 (Jetstream), BE-300, BE-400, and MU-300.

If you think you can pull a suck-up line with a straight face and sound sincere, you can try something like this: I understand you are type rated in the Jetstream. I've heard that a lot of the airlines used to look for guys who were Jetstream typed because they knew if you could fly that, you could fly anything.