CFI, CFII, MEI--Can move across the country!


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I'm at 300 hours (100 multi) and have my CFI, CFII, and MEI. Lookin' to start teachin' as soon as possible!

My preference is a school with multi-engine training or charter on the side. (I realize I may not start in either of those right away, but I would sure like to get my foot in the door!).

I'm single and can relocate no problem. Let me know if you know of any decent schools or people to work for! Thanks!


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FlightSafety in Vero is actively hiring. Pushing over 200 students now. Average instructor load is 8-10 students flying 80-100 hours per month. MEI's get 16.50 an hour once standardized. or 800-800-1411


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Riverside Flight Center in Tulsa. Mostly Indian students. As many hours as you want (average 100+ a month). Very good pay. PM if you want more info.