Cessna 172 stolen and crashed last Sunday...


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Some 21 yr old stole a 172 and crashed it into power lines... he fled but he later got caught. He knocked out power to 11,000 people. I wonder how the heck was he able to fly the plane if he had no license or prior training? Even with experience on FS2004 it'd still be difficult to know what to do in the real thing.

Look at the sketch:

And then the actual photo:

Pretty close huh?

Here are the links:

Anyone besides me notice how they screwed it up? Hello, guys, a C172 is not a two seat airplane. They saw the wreckage, couldn't they see that it seats four?
What do you want to bet that the idiot plane thief was on his way to Quiznos . . . Probably crashed while cutting out a coupon from the paper.
According to an FAA inspector, 16 hangars were broken into sometime in the evening hours of February 28, 2004, and the morning hours of February 29, 2004. Approximately 3 miles south of the Brazoria County Airport, the airplane impacted power lines and the terrain. The accident airplane contained miscellaneous equipment from the hangars, and several beer cans.

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grrrrraaaAAAAAHHHHH! Why the hell couldn't he have at least been maimed in the crash?! An organ or a limb, that's all I'm asking for!
"the moon is very high".....

Apparently not as high as the people that made that. Damn, that was scary.