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Passed my IR ride this morning. BOY that feels good!

It went extremely well, despite the fact the heat index was well over 100 at the time of our flight (and this was 9:30am, too). Glad we got it done early as it's headed up to 105 today (again...)

I will post all the details in the Checkride forum here in a bit. One piece of advice I'll post here for everyone to see though: doing well on your written exam DOES pay off. I got a 97 on my written, and my oral lasted barely 30 minutes. We ended after going over the enroute chart and discussing the x/c he had me plan, and then looking at a local approach with him asking a few questions about the approach plate. Then he said about 25 minutes into it: "well, I'm very impressed with your knowledge and based on the fact you scored a 97 on your written, it is obviously very thorough and I see no reason to go any further. Go ahead and pull out the plates for the approaches we're going to fly, take a 10 minute break and look them over, and then let's go to the plane and get to flying."

So there you have it. It certainly doesn't hurt anything! More details to come...on to Commercial!!

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cool, very cool...
Now, don't make the same mistake I made and study for the commercial and CFI and then forget your instrument knowledge. I'm studying for my CFII now and trying to remember all the instrument stuff I forgot in the past 6 months since my instrument ride!!!
I know what you feel like I completed my Instrument checkride a couple weeks ago also. outstanding
kidding good job man and congrats