Century of Flight- Kittyhawk, NC


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It's November 17th, and the big hoo-hah not only in Kittyhawk, but around the United States and the world is only one month away.

Is anyone making arrangements to be there on December 17th (It's a 5 day event I believe)?

I'm going to try my hardest to be there, if I have to eat ramen for a month afterwards. I feel that if there is one event I would travel for, this would be it.

If anyone is planning to fly-in, maybe you can leave some info (location,etc) and we can get some 'plane pooling'. It'd be nice to be there with fellow JCers!

Whether you're there or not, I expect everyone to be celebrating like crazy! You only get one lifetime to see such a milestone for aviation, we should be so lucky that this is our time on earth.

Just checking, tickets for the 17th are already sold out! (Though I'm not sure what tickets entail).. Still availible for other days and only 10 dollars.)..

There still has to be a way to be there on the 17th!
I wish I could be there, I more than probably won't though. If anyone is there you HAVE to take some pictures and show all of us back at the JC forums.
I was there back in October. The place was pretty torn up next to the beach then. Prices of renting a home during that week (Week of celebration in Dec.) went up almost 4,000 dollars in some cases due to the event. I'm sure the hotels will reflect the same prices. Better try to book now if there is even anything left. Heck, that time of the year is just about the best for striped bass fishing too, so there will probably be lots of competition from fishermen too. Pick up a room fast before they're all gone. If you go, have fun and take some pictures.