Celiac Disease


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Just had a couple questions about celiac disease for you. For about the past 10 years I have had digestive problems that were very very mild so I never had it checked out. Over the last several weeks my symptoms have gone from mild to severe. Last week I went to a GI specialist and he suspects that I have celiac disease and has taken blood work and wants to do a colonoscopy with a biopsy of my small intestine to confirm his diagnosis. My questions are:

1) How will celiac affect my ability to retain a 1st or 2nd class medical
2) How long will a colonoscopy or any other related procedure that he may have to do affect the validity of my medical in the near term?

I know there is not a cure for celiac disease but in the mean time I have started to cut glucose out of my diet to see if I notice any difference in my symptoms. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.
First, the colonoscopy puts you out of flying only for the day of the procedure. Yes, the biopsy is really the gold standard test. Third, as long as your symptoms are controlled, there should not be an issue. The FAA may want to review the records but this is a common problem controlled by dietary changes.
My wife was diagnosed with this, then she had my daughter tested and she has it as well. Obviously, with two thirds of the house gluten free, I am too for the most part. They have improved greatly (and my daughter actually gained some "peace" - she had always been really high strung, not so much now - Celiac can produce some mood change things I believe). Anyway, I can eat Gluten at will...but have found that since I have cut way back I actually feel better too - and when I do gorge on Glutenous food (pizza, two three by three's at In-n-Out) I don't get sick...but it sits like lead in my stomach and makes me sluggisn.