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I'm selling all the material (together, not seperately) that I used to study for my pilot interview at Cathay Pacific Airways.

I bought these items brand new at Aviation World Canada in 2007. They are all in very good condition. Item #2 has some of the practice questions highlighted inside.

1. Handling the Big Jets (D.P Davies) - price tag on the back says $84.95 CDN

2. Preparing for Your Cathay Pacific Interview: The Pilot's Guide - price tag on the back says $37.95 CDN

3. Ace the Technical Pilot Interview (Gary V. Bristow) - price tag on the back says $43.95

4. Cathay Pacific Boeing 747-400 DVD (Intelligent Television & Video - NTSC Format) - no visible tag, but paid $49.95 CDN

5. Bonus: Original (used) version of Microsoft Flight Sim 2004 which can be used in combination with "Ready for Pushback 747-200" in order to practice the simulator profile for the second interview. I don't believe the RFP 742 download works with the newer versions of MS Flight Sim.

This first 3 items are considered the essential material to study for the Cathay Pacific pilot interview. If you know this stuff, your interview experience should be good.

The DVD video is a flight from LHR-HKG on a Cathay Pacific 747-400, showing the pre-flight, takeoff, and landing at Kai Tak. The middle portion explains a bit about the simulator training at the CX facility in HK. It's a nice bit of additional insight prior to going for your interview.

I downloaded "Ready for Pushback 747-200" and used MS Flight Sim 2004 to operate it, prior to my second interview so I could run through the sim profile they send you before you arrive.

I'll also include some small documents and bits I have collected to help prepare for the interviews.

I'm asking $100 USD + shipping.

I'll ship this using United States Postal Service - Priority Mail (Flat Rate Box)

USA shipping is $9.80 USD

Canada shipping is $23.95 USD

Outside USA & Canada shipping is $38.95 USD

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