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A year and a half ago when I was getting my medical exam, I was still working on my commercial rating, so I decided to try for a 2nd class.

I'd had LASIK surgery 10 years ago, and had 20-20 vision ever since. At the medical exam, though, I was 20-25 in my right eye and 20-30 in the left. Ok, I thought, I don't even have my commercial rating yet, so I'll just get some low power glasses later and get the 2nd Class medical next time around. Just recently, I decided to get the eye exam and get the glasses and get the class 2 medical and try to start making some income flying.

I saw the eye doc the other day (first time in 8 years) and during the exam, I mentioned that I wanted to get my vision corrected to 20-20 in each eye so I could get the 2nd class medical. "Oh, well we can't get you to 20-20. We can get you close, but we can't get you to 20-20 because you're starting to develop cataracts in both eyes"

Not exactly welcome news. I have an appointment with the specialist on monday for further evaluation. I'm still better than 20-40, so I can keep my class 3 medical and keep flying- and should still be able to renew the 3rd class medical next May- but I can't fly for money unless I can get to 20-20, and that probably means getting the cataracts removed.

Any advice or suggestions?
Actually, my eye doc is an opthalmologist. The doc I'm seeing monday is a cataract specialist.
Much better news today from the cataract specialist: he really doesn't see any caratacts at all.

I left with a Rx for very mild glasses to correct to 20-20. I'm very relieved.

I'll be even more relieved when those damn dialating eyedrops wear off!
One of the other vision threads raised the question with me. Do I need to have either of the ophtamologists I saw fill out the 8500-7 form?

Or do I just report the visits on the medical application and take the vision test with the AME?