Carrying Snowboards or skis


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Hi, I had a question regarding carrying skis and snowboards in the baggage area of C172 and C182. I haven't flown for few months, but I wanted to know if any body has taken them up with them. Can they fit in the back of these aircraft, if the size is about 5 and a half feet.
Yep, easily.
Thats if you don't want anybody to sit in the back seat, and they are secured.
agreed. they'll stick out into the back seat, but they will fit.

I'd recommend strapping them down with a cargo net or bungee though
Should be no problem as long as you don't have back seat passengers and you skis aren't longer than about 185 cm or so.
If you take the back panel off and run them back into the empennage they'll fit with more people, but I wouldn't recommend an un-airworthy solution like that.