Cargo plane leaving Baghdad airport damaged by SAM


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NOTE TO SELF....Do not pick up any open time trips to Baghdad!

DHL A300 hit by SAM

THis is actually quite scary. This could be used as a trial run for those idiots and after a few hits in Iraq theyll be over here.

Sounds like it was a close one, it could have been way worse. Those A**holes are not only going after military planes, but now even civilian ones. Why DHL would fly into a war zone is my question. Is it really worth the risk for them?
Why, DHL would fly into a war zone is my question. Is it really worth the risk for them?

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Oh no, don't you remember? The war's been over for months now.
The article said the missile hit one of the engines, and yet the fire is coming from the trailing edge of the wing. And this makes sense, how? Am I missing something here?
Very scary stuff... it was only a matter of time though.

I have friends flying freight into Iraq from Dubai in a Beech 1900. These poor guys aren't getting anything extra from the company for doing it and obviously no safety guarantee's.
Apparently the company's attitude is along the lines of 'If you don't do it, there are plenty of pilots who will. Theres the door...'

If they manage to make it out of there alive, they will come away with some terrific pictures and stories!!

Got a couple of minutes to get online. Passed through Bagdad yesterday. DHL crew took the hit on climbout fairly high...lumbering non-maneuverable target and with no active defenses available, excellent job watching them bring it back on the deck, even though it did end up in the dirt off the runway. Sucked to have to see all that though. Outstanding work.

Maybe this'll add fuel to the Airbus vs Boeing debate.........

Iraq is dusty as hell and somewhat miserable.

Take care all,

with no active defenses available

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Make the F/O run in the back and throw out all the silverware. Chaffs!
I wonder if that Pummer guy still thinks Airline pilots are overpaid? That's scary, I go in there in C-5's and those are much bigger than the A-300.
Performance didn't keep the wing attached until they were able to get it on the ground, that was pure luck (and metallurgy, but I digress...).
Anyone else find it ironic how AA587 is downed by wake turbulence/excessive rudder input (vertical stabilizer ripped off), but the same type of aircraft can survive a SAM strike?
dhl is delivering gatorades, foods etc for the soldiers... in the summer they were delivering air conditioners...
That must have sucked major weenie to have to deal with the emergency, aviating and wondering when the next one will hit. I wonder if they knew they were hit by the SAM at first, or did they just think they were having an engine fire etc? Probably felt the impact I would imagine and thought, "woah, what the hell was that!?" Do you know about that Mike or DHL? What was their story?

Take care over there Mike and make us proud.

Yea, I wonder if anyone thinks those pilots are paid too much?
A300Capt correct me if I am wrong but doesn't the A300-600 and A310 not have outboard alierons - so I think it would be more dealing with the damage then hydraulic, and other problems.

Either way a very good job by those boys! Airliners are fragile!!!