Career changer gets hired! Need advice


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After many years of wanting to fly commercially, I was just recently hired by a 121 airline in Alaska. Very excited and thankful that this opportunity was offered to me considering the current job market. Will start ground school on the 2nd. There will be 10 days of classroom, 24 hours of sim training then 6-10 hours of flight training in the Beech 1900. Fortunately I was able to obtain all the training materials in advance. There is quite bit of information to learn in a short period of time, but I was expecting this. Could use some advice from people that have gone through this before. From what I understand, study groups are helpful. What is a good group size? Note that there will be 8 people going through training.


I'm looking at you.
Make sure the people in your study group know what they're talking about! Nothing like learning the wrong thing as a group.


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If you have time hit the sims and do some high-speed approaches. 8 people is a small group. I had almost 30 in my groundschool. Wow, 10 days of groundschool doesn't sound like alot if you add indoc in there. Good luck with the training and congratulations!

Best advice I can give as a career changer that went from GA aviation to the ERJ is don't lose contact with your former employer. You never know if you might need that old job back. And the biggest difference with other careers I found than with the airlines is, other careers actually pay you for your time at work. Airlines don't(sitting airport reserve, pre-flight, time away from home) All part of the deal in becoming an airline pilot...