Career advice for an aspiring Delta pilot.


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Dear fellow pilots, Doug and anyone else please write what you think!!!!!!!!

I hope to hear something from you that will help me to make a very important career decision. OK here is the scenario:
I am 30 and working very hard, I just had a late start.
First year with a regional - Brasilia FO, 121 operator with very good industry reputation. I will probably upgrade in 2 years for sure.
The dream of my dreams is to fly for Delta Airlines and I am willing to die trying despite what people say - "furloughs again", "they will not hire for 50 years", "they are about to file". I don't care about the money I just want to prepare and compete in the applicant's pool as best as I can for an interview.
Recently I was offered a job (I told you I work hard), so my dilemma is to take it or not.
About the job: Part 91, B-767-200ER, to fly long hauls from overseas to the US, 8 hour flights, same routes. Upgrade MAY be in 5-7 years.

So here it is my resume in 5 years:
REGIONAL job: 6000 total, 4000 PIC, CRJ Capt. Jumping around with 5 approaches a day.
Part 91 job: 6500 total, 1000 PIC from Cessna, B-767 FO for the past 5 years. 4-5 approaches a month! International experience, heavy and hopefully a 757/767 type rating

My question is what should I do to get Delta's interview faster to stay or go?
Please help, what do you think????
Althought I am sure others can answer your question better, I would say the 767 will help you more. When Delta and the other airlines start to hire again, there will be a line a mile long of people with EMB-120 time.
Honestly, sounds like a cliche answer, but do what will make you happy! I really want to work for Southwest Airlines. But, if I make all decisions based on that fact, I might not enjoy the next 5-8 years of my life... in that time, what if SWA isn't there anymore? I mean, just 5 years ago nobody probably thought UAL, US Airways, and American would be on the virge of extinction.

Plan around your personal happiness and quality of life. Don't be miserable for the next 5-10 years just because you wanted to get to Delta!
It sounds like you might be at Skywest and that would be a good thing. Is the 767 outfit strong enough to last? I'd suggest staying to build the PIC time since you said its a respected company. Everone might have EMB120 time, but not all will have a good amount of turbine PIC time. From what I've read, airlines want to know you were the one in charge of the flight and not just the FO putting the gear up and down.

I try not to listen to the people who are talking about 10 year furloughs or this or that airline going under soon. These are the same people who lost their shorts in this bear market, so what the hell do they know about timing.
I think i read on here someplace that major airlines look mainly for PIC experience, so you might be better off staying where you are at now and logging PIC time. The majors look to hire future captains from what i have read. But to be honest man, you are now where me and alot of other guys on here would give anything to be. So just do what makes you happy and enjoy it, you could be like alot of us, still in training in single enjine cessnas!
I would take the 767. Flying longhaul widbodies is the ultimate experience IMO, no matter who you're working for. Who can say for sure when delta will hire again? 2, 3, 5 years?. You may be close to capt. on the 767 by then. I would take the 767 unless for family, personal, or job security reasons I felt changing employers would not be wise. Even though it sounds like you won't be flying as much as you are your current job, I think 767 experience would add a lot to any resume. Just a novice's a opinion.....
Wow, if you have a chance to fly ER's across the ocean, plus not get caught in the "well I've been here for X years at X regional" you'll be just fine.

Chase your dreams man, don't let anyone hold you back.

Besides, if Delta "files" chances are, so will your regional so don't let those bozos hold you back from your dreams.
I'd stay where you are. Bailing on a Pt 121 job in the first year, forcing your employer to eat your training costs, won't look good on a resume, regardless of what you gave it up for. DL or anybody else is going to want to see some stability.
Honestly, sounds like a cliche answer, but do what will make you happy! I really want to work for Southwest Airlines.

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No No No.....I got enough compitition as it is.
Only go if you are totally sure that the new job will work out, just to keep that image of a loyal, dedicated employee.