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What happened to caneman:

Hello I Am Caneman

For all the guys, lets see..I have an ATP 14000 hours, 9000 PIC, 6000 PIC Heavy Jet, ASES, Glider-CFI, and F/E. Flying is great and I never planned on quitting. In 2001 Emery Worldwide Airlines locked out all thier pilots. The got contractor's (scabs to me) to fly all the freight. They turned in thier certificate to the FAA to get out of our ALPA contract (Screw ALPA), changed the name from EWA to Menlo, and sold it to UPS without the pilots. I miss flying but acting and comedy is more fun to me nowdays. In the old days we flew 12 days a month for $130,000 a year. Now the "Stuff and S**t" I see pays only $60,000 a year for jet captain giving 21+ days a month. I can do the math, not my scene. Flying is fun but its a job not My Hobby. A house in the Wesr costs a million dollars now day. After I got laid off from EWA I lost my 6000' sq foot home and all my money. I'm now poor and live in a 23' RV, but I am Happy. Perhaps I will fly a Biz-Jet soon. But only as the rich guy in the back.

As far as the "Captain Caneman DC8" video..NO FARs were broken. One guys says its not MIA. True, the video is two different trips. The landing was on a short 6000' runway in Europe after a 10 our flight. Its not a hard landing for a DC8, and the GPWS went off because I HAD TO plant it on the numbers for a short field landing. You can here just a few seconds after touchdown 3000' remaining. As far as the gear down at 1000 feet. Thats OK for me. I like to go power idle at top of climb, glide down to 1500' then spool them up for landing without touching the power during the descent. And make all the profiles and speed restrictions on the approach.

AERO-Engineer. Watch this video of me at the dentist...

HHC-CC, your SMOOOOTH, and correct, I did not key the mike. Come on guys. I may be a "wierd-stupid-loose-crazy guy" in the videos, BUT when Im flying I always make sure to stay within the FARs and "Saftey is Number One" Im Not A Fool. Just a Comic.....

Take Care ALL You ALLS..


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I got so many laughs out of those videos and wish they were still online somewhere! That thread is a classic. I always ask ex-emery people I fly with if they knew caneman. No one ever did.