Cape Air Hiring

Got a call from HR 2 weeks ago. Was told that they will call back early this week. Haven't heard anything from them yet.
I have an interview with them in August. I'm currently in the Midwest so I'm assuming that if the interview with them goes well, then I would be moving to one of their bases here. I hope you get a call back, and wish me luck.
Thanks. Do you typically have to go to the Caribbean every winter or just the first till you build some seniority?
Just FYI, at the Vegas job fair Cape Air said they are looking for about 15 pilots a month for the rest of the year. They will take more if they can get them.
Oh well that solves everything. I can make $20,000 a year instead of $15,000! :rolleyes:

Not really, I don't work there but from what I understand you make about $35k a year your first year there. Not getting rich with that amount of money, but it sure beats first year commuter pay.
Oh well that solves everything. I can make $20,000 a year instead of $15,000! :rolleyes:
That pay is as a FO in a Cessna 402. They help you get the hours you need for an ATP and then plop you in the left seat for a ton more money (comparatively).

If you went in at ATP mins, like at a regional, you would actually make a lot more money first year at cape than at any regional.
I don't even remotely meet the mins. But I have a few questions about Cape.

1. I know that pilots that don't meet the mins are a FO on the 402. What is the typical timeframe that it takes them to before they upgrade to CA?

2. What is the usual timeframe to upgrade to an ATR?

Again I don't even meet mins but I would like to end up there someday.