Can't we all just get along?


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Can\'t we all just get along?

/ubbthreads/images/icons/laugh.gif All right, the Pan Am Section has been getting out of hand lately. The insults, although hilarious and quite creative at times (especially the ones by allumni /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif ) have probably also been getting out of control. For example, the gentleman who finished his private license in 80 hours or took longer because of the bumps, should not be criticized. As we who have attended Pan Am know, the extra hours were not as much of a testament to his flying ability as it was of Pan Am administration scheduling as many extra training missions as possible to rape and pillage his account. Besides, any kind of turbulence or bad weather at the private level makes learning difficult. So what am I saying here? Basically current students at Pan Am have enough problems being cornholed everyday by management, so let's not be here to add to their misery. Rather, let us be here to warn, support, and post the truth; especially so that newcomers will not be intimidated to speak their mind (although that has not seemed to be a problem so far /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif ). Regardless, thank you everyone, I have spoken. /ubbthreads/images/icons/laugh.gif
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Coombiya! Thanks for the peace offering.
OK so I am coming to the same conclusion about the program here that many of the students here have. It isn't the admin that is causing all the stagecheck nightmare. It is the flight dept. Because there aren't any pilots being hired right now and as time goes by the school gets heavier and heavier up top. the only way to justify their jobs is to have a lot of stagechecks. Since there aren't enough new students to provide a steady flow of work, they just ding the present students over and over again. otherwise they would be forced to either work at any FBO or for airnet. Of course one could never prove this sort of thing but we are all pretty sure that is what is really going on.
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i haven't seen any real problems with stage checks. the few little set backs i had were either my fault, or the time i had to "revamp." what i had been previously taught. i do see certain people fail stage checks over and over agin though. but its limited to the individual, not a wide spread thing. now failing FAA check rides is a whole other story, you'll hear some whacked out stories about those.
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It is a little differant here. In fact it is the exact opposite. Not many people bust checkrides, but one out of 10 maybe fifteen ever pass a stagecheck the first time.
A statisical bell curve includes 95% of a population. When at best, 10% of a population pass stagechecks there are obviously some flaws in either the instruction or the testing standards.
I think busting a checkride can be detrimental to your resume but Busting too many stage checks can destroy your outlook for the future.
I think the balance lies somewhere between.
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Hummm...stagechecks. I failed my first two stage checks at Pan Am. I don't know if there is any one reason why it happened. It did a hell of a lot damage to my confidence and I really wondered if I was just brain dead. I studied my arse off too.
If I were to put a finger on it, it would have to be "I was confused as to what to study". A few days before Stage 1, I asked my instructor what would be the most likely things asked for stage 1. I was told to study IT ALL !!! As everyone knows, there is sooooo much stuff to be going over, its like telling a first year med student to know fourth year stuff for the test. I didn't know where to begin. I crammed and crammed, I wanted to know every detail and everything I could. The thing was, I studied all the wrong stuff for the wrong stages. Looking back on it now, those stages were really easy. I think that if I would have been directed a little better, I would have been better prepared for each stage. I wasnt asking to be spoonfed or given answers but I just wanted a little clairification on what to study. I didn't fail Stage 3 because I had already studied all that stuff and was prepared. I guess in the long run, the advice to "know it all" helped in the later stages, but it sure did cost me in the begining. Money, as well as confidence.