Can't Make it this time!!


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Dear NJC Crew`
I came down with the worst flu possible and I am in the hospital, I will have to pass on this one. It sucks but I can barely hold myself straight. All you folks have fun and I'll see you at another awesome JC event.
Doug, Kristie, Mike and everyone else you guys all rock!!



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Hope you feel better man! Don't worry there will be plenty of us losers who couldn't make it this year hangin around JC this weekend so you won't feel too left out!


Mama Bear....
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We'll have to do something extra special to keep Armen's spirits up..

I'm bringing the camcorder now.. hehehhee


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Oh you guys are just fantastic, maybe I'll make one of those PHX meet and greets now to thank you in person Kristie.

JC rocks, ya all are awesome!!


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Very sorry to hear you're sick and not going to make NJC. :( Hope you feel better soon....:)


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Hey, I blew out my hip moving a couch two days ago. MRI yesterday. Possible surgery next week...I'll be there Sunday night.

Its all about what's important, Dude.