Can you do your instructor ratings while waiting for an interview/job?


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I was just wondering, since there's such a long waiting list to be a CFI at FSA, can you just complete your MEII (ie all your instructor rating) while your waiting and then have FSA refund you later when you get hired?



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Dunno If its my screen resolution, but at the main list of topics this thread was called "Can you do your instructor..."!
I guess you probably could. I never did mine, but Im pretty sure a few others were doing theirs!

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yes you can, and if you're hired and you sign their 800 hour contract they will reimburse you for your expenses to get those tickets (only CFII and MEI I think but check on it).


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anybody know if FSI pays for the CFII and MEI in full or is it just a discount? Assuming you were hired of course.



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While on the list, you get employee rate (free GS 40% off flying), then get balance reimbursed once you stan. Not sure if you can do the MEI that way or not. I don't think so since it's usually combined with Multi Stan.



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Yeah you can do the MEI also.
I finished both the CFII and MEI right after I got hired and was on the list. (didn't really have anything else to do at the time!)
Both were at discounted rates and the II was refunded once single engine stand was finished and the MEI after mulit engine stand.


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Hey Chunk,

MEI is NOT part of ME Stand. MEI is a joke compared to ME Stand. But seriously, they are separate and you would pay up front for MEI and then when you have built up 200 dual-given (that's 200 D.G. from anywhere not just FSI) then you would go through ME Stand.

Remember folks FSI is the awesome school it is because of their standardization courses.