Can some one explain this for me please?


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I'm trying to understand this site and figure out if it's a cheap way to own an airplane.They claim to only cost $28 an hour, and you own a co-op (what the hell is that in aviation terms?) for $3000. I'm trying to figure out whether you get a fraction of an aircraft for $3000 then find other people to put up $3000. I'm probally missing the point completley, but an explination would be helpful.


P.S. Yes I know they're ugly, but hey if my dad'll buy an airplane I don't care how ugly it is
the fly to own program sounds like a timeshare....and the turnkey business sounds kinda like a franchise...

seems a bit fishy - plus they don't even have any contact information on there besides a form to email in and a fax number...which is bizarre for such high costs associated.

might just be that reading some of the pages raised the hairs on my neck! hahahha

any other opinions?