Can I get a loan if I have just moved to the USA?


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I'm not sure if anybody here can answer this or not, but I have just moved to the USA from Canada, and am looking to start flight training. I am a legal permanent resident, but I don't have any American credit, and don't know any American citizens who could co-sign a loan, except my wife, who has bad credit. My Canadian credit is excellent, but I have heard that does not matter. Anyways, my question is this, I am planning on going to AllAtps to take their professional pilot program, as well as going to either ERAU or UVSC online. I have about 10,000 US for thr AllAtps, but that leaves me about 20,000 short. I think I can get a Stafford or Perkins loan for the school, but I'm not sure if I am going to be able to get a Sallie Mae, Key, or any other bank loan to pay for the rest of my flight training.

Does anybody know how the financial aid system works if you are new to the country? Any info is greatly appreciated!
Suggest calling your lenders directly and applying for the loans. If they approve you, great. If not, get the details. I would think you should be able to get loans, but I'm hardly a financial expert. Call the lenders and talk to them.

When I arrived over here from England 14 months ago I had no credit rating at all in the United States. I am getting there though (slowly). I was recently able to get a small loan to finish up my Commercial and Multi-Engine training, but when I first arrived there was no chance. Even without a loan I was able to complete my FAA Private Pilot SEL and Instrument rating.. so don't be too dismayed if the banks won't help just yet.. just plod along and you will get there.
Check with ATP first; not sure they're accepting international students, even ones from the 51st state.