Calling KDRAKE...


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What happened to you? Are you still at FSI? Me and some others from our orientation class have been asking about you because we haven't seen you lately. Drop me an e-mail at and let me know how things are going.
Yeah....come to think of it, I haven't seen him around lately...

Anyone going to the Phil Boyer meeting @ MLB tonight?
Hey Guys . . I have had some problems . . called Kidney Stones!! I had lasar surgery last week, and they put a stint from my kidney to my bladder . . I was 2 flights away from my Multi-Engine checkride . .what luck. I have not been able to fly for 4 weeks. I went to the Dr. today, and it is going to be another 3 weeks before I can fly. Take care . . you can email me ad
WOW! Sorry to hear that dad had kidney stones....only time I saw him cry from pain. Feel better! You have my # (right?) me if you need anything at all!

Been there.... The only thing more painful than that is dealing with the FAA when you try to get your next medical after the stone is gone. Call me if you need advice.