Calling all 2007 and earlier applicants...


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Has anyone ever known of an announcement to go over four weeks from the close date, without anyone getting authorized?

It appears from a bit of backlogging that even the group from 2007 that was delayed months for their actual testing was authorized in around two weeks. The 2008 PUBNAT1 group was notified in 2 days. The PUBNAT2 group in 18 business days. Us from PUBNAT3? Nothing -- not a word -- and a month is closing in. In fact, the next announcement, PUBNAT4, is just about to close on Friday.

Both of my calls to the FAA Careers department over the past month have been fruitless, as it appears the secretaries aren't informed. The one I spoke to yesterday (though awfully sweet...) claimed that they were still authorizing PUBNAT2-ers; this is a blatant lie, as they were notified a month ago tomorrow, and have already begun testing.

Does anyone happen to have any (hopefully, comforting?) information to share? :(