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I finally got called back by Flight Safety to work there as a CFI. In other words, Connie called!! There's a standardization class coming up....

I'm honestly undecided about what I will do. Right now I'm near the top of the seniority list at the school I work for. I've been getting some good flight time and paychecks the last couple of months where I'm at. BUT, I know professionaly speaking I'd be happier at a place like FSI.

I'm going to have to call them and see what kind of deal I can iron out because I'm not interested in signing an 800 hr. contract, perhaps I'll end up paying for my MEI etc. It's just that 800 hrs from now I'll be closing in on 2000hrs and I don't want to have that contract over my head.

But it's great knowing I have the option....I'll give them a call on Monday to discuss details and I'll report back here.
Congratulations! But, if I were you, I wouldn't do it...

j/k hehe, I only say that because I'm #98!

Gook luck in your decision.

I think I was #49 or 50 when I was hired....And honestly I haven't been keeping track of the list that well. The list is a constantly changing thing...

I imagine many on the list are in my situation, already with employment elsewhere or in one of the Flight Safety centers doing an internship. All I can say is it's very tempting going back......I think I'll PM davetheflyer....
That's awesome news Baronman! Keep us updated. I'm on the high end of that list myself. I'm not sure if I will go back or not when I get the call. I'm building up single engine time now, but that precious multi engine time is hard to come by.........
Congrats, It's about time we had some fresh CFI's down here. If you do take the position I think you'll find it a little different than your FBO job. As far as the contract, forget negiotations. You don't want to sign it? Mr. H has 100+ people who will..

Hope to see you here!

PS. Get down here early and make use of the free frasca time. You will need it!!!
It seems that the stand. class is slated for the beginning of January, with somewhere from 6-10 CFIs entering.

I think quiet a few instructors have left or will be leaving for Chataqua and ComutAir (sp?), thus the need for my services.
As of when I left (end of Oct.), 3 had gone to Commutair (with 3-4 others in line for the next round) and several more were called for a class date for Chataqua and had left. They were down to about 55-60 actual instructors (not including 4 stripers). I forget the amount of students, but it was getting to the point where they needed to start bringing in some people.

Good luck with the decision.

How many months from going on the list to getting "the call"?

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Good question...

Baron... how long was your wait?

Best of luck to you whatever your decision maybe
Rumor has it that 26 names were taken off the list to get the current class of 6.....good news but unconfirmed
And I'm leaning towards either not going back or waiting and returning for the next class if I feel like going...

I feel like I'd be rushed to get back down there in January...But..I have some days left to decide..
It's been a little over a year

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When did you finish up down there? I ended with my CFI in late August 2002. I did not interview though. Just wondering if we could have been in any of the same classes?
Here's my perspective. I instructed at FSI for 16 months before getting hired at ACA to fly the CRJ in summer 2002. Here's why I'd seriously consider leaving your current CFI position to instruct at FSI.

1. Many regionals (like ACA) like FSI graduates. You've read enough here to know the reasons.
2. FSI has connections, those connections got me my job at ACA.
3. Multi Engine Time. I gave 900 dual at FSI, 650 of it in the Seminole.
4. Full Benefits, medical/dental/vacation. Tough to find at most FBO's.
5. Low cost of living in Vero. Also not a bad place to have to hang around waiting for your airline job.
6. Teaching the FSI syllabus makes you a better pilot. I was a FBO CFI (all-be-it a low time one) before I got hired at FSI, and I learned more in my first 6 months teaching at FSI than I learned during the previous 8 years of flying around the flag pole in 152's.
7. All the FSI students are full time. No distractions!
8 . How much FBO flying will you do this winter? Weather's great in Vero.

If you've got a cushy FBO position that pays well and your getting the total time and the multi time you need I agree this has got to be a tough decision. That contract is a tough commitment, but when I left they were practically begging people to leave, contract or not. I was worried about the commitment, but in hindsight it was a great decision.

Best of luck!
So....just to add some details,

The Standardization class will begin on Jan 5, and there will be 6 or 7 of us. Looking forward to getting back to sunny FL!!!!
It's been a little over a year

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When did you finish up down there? I ended with my CFI in late August 2002. I did not interview though. Just wondering if we could have been in any of the same classes?

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Isn't it more like 2 years. At least that's what jives with your historical posts. Good luck with Standardization.