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Welcome to ALPA FastRead for November 3, 2003

U.S. House of Representatives Adopts FAA Reauthorization Conference Report; ALPA Urges Members to Contact Their Senators to Oppose Legislation

On Thursday, October 30, 2003, the U.S. House of Representatives on a largely partisan vote of 211 to 207 adopted the Conference Report on the FAA Reauthorization Bill. The Conference Report is now pending in the U.S. Senate and could be scheduled for a vote at any time in the next few weeks. ALPA is working vigorously to defeat the legislation in its present form, which includes a provision on cargo cabotage. The legislation, if passed with this provision, would have grave consequences for the professional future of U.S. airline employees.

The provision would change longstanding U.S. law and policy on cabotage that requires that the transportation of passengers and cargo in domestic markets be done on U.S. air carriers, by allowing cargo cabotage through Anchorage via a code-share agreement. For example, the provision would allow Air China, the national carrier for the People's Republic of China, to pick up cargo brought into Anchorage from Tokyo by Northwest Airlines and transport it to New York. However, it does not grant any reciprocal rights for U.S. carriers. ALPA's President, Capt. Duane Woerth, in a letter to the House of Representatives, urged members to oppose the Conference Report, saying, "...the [cargo cabotage] provision is the first step toward the shipment of U.S. airline jobs overseas" and would be detrimental to the overall health of our domestic airline industry.

ALPA members can take action as well by contacting their senators to urge them to oppose adoption of the Conference Report.

ALPA asks all members to contact their senators today urging them to oppose adoption of the Conference Report on the FAA Reauthorization Bill in its present form. Go to the ALPA sign on to the ALPA Members' Portal Page with your password. Click on the ACTION ALERT icon and follow the directions from there to send your messages to your senators. Let them know that their vote against the Conference Report on the FAA Reauthorization Bill is critical to protecting U.S. airline jobs-specifically, U.S. pilots' jobs-from exportation overseas.
Cabotage puts the job of every United States airline employee at risk. If you've never taken the time to contact your representatives, NOW is the time. We can not stand by and watch our jobs be farmed out to forgein airlines.

Those of us on furlough would like to have jobs to come back to. Someday.
What is the safety record of foriegn pilots compared to US pilots? I'd like to know so when I go on my letter writing campaign I have some more info...
Korean Air, need I say more?