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I was watching a cheesy movie on hbo the other night and there were a guy and girl who were "undercover" in some african jungle, and were chased by some local militants....and upon completing their mission they conveniently hopped into a waiting C-130 and fired up the engines. As they roared down the dirt strip the pilot told the co-pilot to arm the jatos(sp?) and right before they reached the end of the runway they fired them and the plane shot up literally like a rocket.

Now to my question. Why does a c-130 have the jato rockets and when are they used? only in short field/heavy load situations? or are they a staple of the takeoff run? i have a pic of "fat albert" of the blue angels taking off and the jatos are all fired at about 4 feet off the ground. Thought this might have been done for the photogenic quality of it.

Just wondering...any of you ex military cargo boys help me out?

mike d----you got jatos on the a-10?


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Naw, no JATOs on the -10, though they'd help.....

JATOs are used for short field/heavyweight like you mention, but are also used for high density altitude ops.

Evergreen Airlines had some DC-9s modified with JATO attachments specifically for operations out of Hill AFB, UT.


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Good demo of JATOs on a C-130 is Fat Albert. They generally do a demonstration before the Blue Angels do their thing. I'm debating on going to Wings & Waves in Daytona this year, though. I saw the BA earlier this year, and they kinda sucked. They only had five planes instead of six, so there was no opposing solo. All of the cool solo stuff was just one plane flying by and doing rolls. W&W features the T-Birds, but due to the accident earlier this year, they are only running with 5 birds, too. This is according to AVWeb today.


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What about the guy who strapped one onto his car and ended up a big hole in the side of the road?


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watch tlc and "mythbusters"....those guys tried to get the airforce to give them jatos to put on the car but it wasnt happening. those numb-skulls built their own and built a remote control for a 67 chevy....that car hauled ass across the dessert. but they debunked that myth.