Buying A (Good) Used GPS Handheld

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At the suggestion of my instructor, I have finally decided to purchase a handheld GPS as a backup for electrical failure in heavy IFR. The model is not the question here; rather, I am interested in exploring the path to purchasing a good, used handheld.

Avweb, AOPA, and eBay classifieds all offer the specific handheld in which I am interested --- a Garmin 195. Does anybody have experience (and reasonable success) purchasing through any of these avenues. I have never purchased anything on-line, and hadn't even visited eBay until last night!

(If I'm likely to end up with a GPS lemon, I'd rather purchase one new from the beginning to avoid completely the classified hassle.)


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I've bought and sold quite a few things on ebay and have never had any serious problems. Its kind of a pain in the ass to get your account and everything set up, but once you do, its easy to buy/sell.


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I own a Garmin GPSMap 195. It is a fantastic unit. It has been used only a few times. It is in it's original box, stored with all accesories, parts, and manuals. I would be willing to sell it. I have just been to lazy to figure it out on EBay. Find a fair price, let me know what you find and I would sell it to you if you are interested.

I used a friends for several months when I was hauling freight and LOVED it. It is a great unit. I went and bought one and then moved on to ASA shortly there after and back in the box it went.

Let me know if you are interested.