...but can you get a job?


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While looking through the ad's in flying magazine I noticed Pan Am's ad. They mention that they have "secured agreements with seven major regional airlines, which give our graduates conditional employment offers."

I'd like someone to define "major regional airline." Airnet?? Isn't that just a cargo outfit? Has anyone even heard of Chicago Express?

Anyways, I looked at Kit Darby's Airline Pilot Job Monthly
Sept 10. 2002Vol,11 No.9
Here are some interesting figures when it comes to the airlines that Pam Am is getting students interviews with.

Below is a list from the newsletter that shows the number of pilots currently furloughed, the number of pilots hired in 2001, 2002 YTD and so far in August.
Please forgive the formatting,

Furloughed/Hired in 2001/ 2002 /August

Continental Express 400+400 more / 400/ 0/ 0
American Eagle 302 / 394/ 0/ 0
Mesaba 50 by 1/03 / 148/ 0/ 0
Trans State TSA 35 / 294/ 0/ 0
Chicago Express 0 / 56/ 58/ 0
Skyway 20 /88 / 0/ 0
Airnet 0 /85/ 38/ 0

How can Pam Am sit there and tell someone that they are guaranteed an interview with an airline when that airline still has pilots on furlough. Get real! This is an interview, NOT A JOB!!! Do yourself a favor and call the airlines themselves and see if you can get a job!
In the last 10 months from the phoenix location mind you. 4 people have gone to AIRNET. 1 to Chicago Express who later did not pass the sim ride. 1 to Great Lakes. 2 to sight seeing outfits out of Las Vegas and that is IT. Out of those the 4 that went to airnet are the only ones who recieved help from Pan Am and still have a job. Oh ya and 2 are in the pool for Ameriflight which Pan Am had no assistance in. I hope florida has better placement rates. That is why tension is high. Oh ya and you do not have to wear the hat at school.
I'm sure that Chicago Express and Airnet would like to hear what you think about them. Chicago Express flies ATA Connection and everyone that has gone to Airnet is happy. Since they are expanding and hiring while most airlines are furloughing, they must be doing something right. But, if you'd rather wait for BA to knock on your door with a 777 seat than fly for Airnet in the meantime, I hope you're independently wealthy with great connections.

It's a guarantee, not a promise. Just like Discount Tire's satisfaction guarantee - you're either 100% satisfied or you get your money back. At PanAm, you either get a job or you get your ACE money back. And yes, it does happen, they have given money back.
You had better look at your contract after 24 months all deals are null and void Pan Am pilot. That means they don't have to give you your money back on month 25. That is 24 months after original contract signing. And with the amount of hiring being done if you think they are not going to take advantage of that you are wrong. They are in the bussiness of making money and not losing it. By the way Airnet is better than nothing my intentions were not to bag on Airnet or Chicago express my intentions were to voice my concerns on placement that is it. Do you know of something that I may be missing as far as were people are going. Because the same people that were there when I started are still there with more than 800 hours. Maybe what you are saying is that Pan Am is holding up there end of the deal and all the instructors are inept of getting a job.
Ysifly, I think you should go back and look at your contract... I looked at mine, it says 34 months after date of signing
I personally don't know if he is still there but I can say this. I WAS there when he was first hired on at the FPR campus, I thought very highly of him as I, in my opinion, saw that he had a genuine interest in the students and actually saw him go above and beyond for a few troubled students. As the weeks passed, I saw his attitude change drastically. In the end, when I had to deal with him directly.....to make a very long story short, I left the school. I really hope things are turning around at Pan Am, that place does have a lot potential if properly managed.
Yes, Rob Brantner is still here, and he is in charge of the A.C.E. program.

I dont know where you guys are hearing these rumors, first it was Pan Am "lost" 141 status, now it is Rob Branter got fired. Next it will be "everyone at Pan Am got abducted by aliens" and you guys would believe it.
No way, aliens?

Did they all disappear, K-pax style or did the big mothership pick them up?

Was it a tractor beam, a transporter array or did they just force them on with the continuum transfunctioner?

You know it's "all powerful!"
We all got beamed over "Star Trek style" to planet X. They bring me back to Earth once in a while just so I can post here on the JetCareers website.
mothership P-funk style!

when i left for vacation Rob was still there. i've never had any problems with Rob, he's personally helped me with a great deal of things at school. i've sat and talked with him on many occasions and have great respect for the man, he really does care for the students and what happens to them at the school. just remeber who he has to answer to when all is said and done though. i think Rob would really do this school some good if he had more control over what happened there, i really do mean that.