Building Time


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I was wondering what the alternatives to working as a CFI are for building time to get a job with Part 135 or a regional airline are?

Obviouslly I could work as a CFI and get hours that way.. and I know you can always buy time, but I'm wondering if anyone had any suggestions other than the typical way.

This is for a friend of mine at Sierra so dont ask me why I dont want to work as a CFI please..

Hello Sierra,

Ways to build time:

CFI, rent, banner towing, glider towing, parachute dropper, aerial surveys, pipe line patrol, fish spotter, aerial photography, ferry, radio traffic reporting, maintenance check flights, aircraft sales, safety pilot, meet rich aircraft owners who need their planes exercised once in a while, military, FBI, Border Patrol, etc. There are some books & articles out there on this them out!

Good Luck,