buddy passes


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To answer your question, YES. I searched the forums before this post so if it's been covered and i missed it, i am really, really sorry, because this question will probably annoy some, hopefully not many. . .

Here goes. I'm trying to network with someone who has extra buddy passes they are willing to share. I got 5 yrs of airline work and non-rev'ing experience so I definitely know the drill. I left the airlines in 2004 and had a "buddy pass hook up" since then, but he just left delta last fall.

As many of you probably know, once you go non-rev, you just cant go back. (especially on what I make now.. uggh) I would be more than happy to add "incentive" to the buddy pass provider also.

Please just message me if you want to talk further, or post here if you have some other ideas for me. I know this is probably the wrong way to go about this, and I may get deleted, but it was worth a shot. I'm sure someone will give me the "buy-a-ticket-you-mooching-dirtbag" reply and let me say, I cant wait!

thanks :)