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Do any of you have a passenger briefing card which includes the required stuff like when and how to use seatbelts, and emergency briefing?

I'd like to make a kneeboard-sized card (checklist style) with the salient points.

OK, who has a good one?
Umm, when I used to work at the pilot supply store there were a lot of new PPL's who wanted one of these, but to be honest with you after a couple of breifings it is pretty easy, and you will not use it anyway. Atleast that is what I found.
Just pretend you're a FA for Delta displaying the safety features of you're beutiful aircraft. (JK) It's pretty much like being on an 757. Emergency procedures if you were to ditch over land, water, make an emergency landing, and where your emergency exits are located. Of course it's more simplified.
I've seen the briefing cards that come with the new 172's/182's....... pretty flashy....... Generally i just stick with my standard passenger briefing: "If it looks like we're gonna die, calmly tuck your head between your legs and kiss your @$$ goodbye." I think it's pretty straightforward and simple for the passengers that don't fly often.
Thanks for the responses. This is for a 172 (non-commercial). I'll download that softare and take a look.

BTW, I like drumminpilot's briefing, but I'm not sure my DPE will!
In a one door airplane, like a Piper or Mooney, it goes like this.


1. Don't touch anything.

2. If in the event we have to do an off airport landing, and we won't, you will see there is only one door, if you don't get out fast I will be required to climb over you.


1. I did all the hard stuff, you land. (works best if the pax has never been in a small acft before)
"Get in, sit down, strap in, shut up and for god's sake don't touch anything."

Generally gets the point across.
'Put the little end in the big end and... ya know what folks, if you don't know how to fasten a seatbelt just ring your call button and Tommy will come over there and hit you on the head with a TACK HAMMER because you are a RETARD!'
-Tommy Boy
Oh and if that's not good enough... you can always make your own on your computer and get it laminated. You won't have any pretty pictures but you'll get the point across.