Brandon - Commercial ASEL


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Oral was straight forward: commercial priveleges, recency requirements, airplane systems (gear, flaps, V-speeds), airspace. One little trick in the airspace, he pointed to magenta dashed around an airport, which of course is class E to the ground, however this is only true if there is a qualified weather observer at the field or certified weather reporting equipment. Basically if flight service can give you the current wx at an airport, than it meets the requirements for E to the ground. Not too much more than that, got in the airplane, short field take off, found my first x-c checkpoint, checked time, continued to the next one, then did steep turns, slow flight, power off stall, power on stall, chandelles, steep spiral, let him buzz his buddies air strip, eights on pylons, intercepted the ILS back home, soft field landing followed by soft field takeoff, power off 180 degree accuracy landing.
Pretty straight forward...I didn't get my engine pulled once, but I have heard of people getting it pulled 5 times on a commercial, so be ready! You can almost be guaranteed to get one right after finishing eights on pylons.
I'd say for anyone doing the commercial ASEL, you know you are going to have to do the Chandelles, lazy 8s, and Eights on Pylons, so have that formula for the pivotal altitude figured out for the terrain you'll be tested in!

Also have the emergency checklists accessible in your airplane. On the commercial checkride you know the examiner is going to give you some emergency scenarios, so you don't want to be fumbling under the seat for the emergency gear checklist when he says the gear won't come down!