Brandon broke his hand.....


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On Monday after school, as I was trying to clean up the kitchen I hear a massive *CRASH BANG* from the hall. I look up to see table pulled over on it's side and Brandon screaming standing in the middle of the mess. I pick him up and he's holding up his left hand, and as I'm looking him over I actually see his hand inflate. The swelling came on that fast.... As soon as I saw that I knew it was time to head out to Urgent Care. Surprisingly they didn't recognize us by face (considering the number of times we've been there) and we got him x-rayed right away. I would have been VERY surprised to not see a break in a x-ray picture, and sure enough there at the base of the left index finger was a fracture. I thought we were going to have to go to the ER for casting, but they sent us across the street to a hand specialist. He wasn't going to be able to get him in for surgery until Friday morning, but he had such an awful night Monday night that they squeezed us into the hospital surgery schedule yesterday. He got a plate put in his hand, and now his puffy little hand is all wrapped up in a splint & bandage. :(

When we first got back from the hospital yesterday:

Lounging on the couch:

And passed out from the traumatic day:


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I've been there and it's not a good feeling at first. I'm just gald the little guy is for the most part OK. Broken bones heal. It could have been much worse. We had one of the kids pull a dresser over on themselves. It was right after we had moved in and I was actually at Lowe's buying anchor straps for the furniture when I got a very panicky phone call from the au-pair. Luckily as the dresser was falling over, the top drawer came out and made contact with the floor first and twisted upwards, acting as a support strut and keeping the rest of the dresser off the floor and one very scared and suprised kid.

I'm not joking when I tell people every single gray hair I have has been caused by one of the kids doing something they shouldn't have. Kids will age you faster than you will ever believe, yet I wouldn't trade one day I've got to spent with them for anything else in the world.


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I have given my parents a few grey hairs as a child. When I was about 4 years old I was leaning on a glass table and ended up going through the glass. Not one scratch. My brother happened to be on the other side of the table and without missing a beat, while he was eating his cereal, he said, "mama, look what danny done" And I think that same year I was leaning back in my chair and fell through the sliding glass door. Again not one scratch. My poor mother must have gone grey at an early age.


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Me too. Many skateboard, biking accidents. Nine broken collarbones. Gave my mother a lot of grey...

Amber - sorry to hear about the little guy, but glad things have worked out. Kids heal faster than Wolverine.

The two of you take adorable photos, too.


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I am sorry to hear about Brandon's hand. That is too bad. I think that it is ten times worst when my little ones get hurt than when I do. How did the table fall onto him?

As for childhood injuries, I had and caused my fair share. When I was little I was climbing up a dresser and fell. That required a nose reconstruction by a plastic surgeon...and LOTS of stitches. I had stitches 3 times by the time I was three :crazy: I know I caused the gray hairs for my mom and the baldness for my dad. After I finished giving myself stitches, I turned to my sister. Because of my coerision, she received stitches 2 times and a severe burn and scarring up her entire arm over the next 3 years.


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Ouch!:( Amber I'm sure he's a little trooper and will be healed and back to business as usual in no time!:) I'm glad we've made it unscathed so far (knock on wood). My 6 yrs old has now gotten into skateboarding, so it's just a matter of time for our first ER visit.:rolleyes:


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ditto that the first picture is ADORABLE!...very glad it turned out the way it did...could have been much worse. Kids..............god love em ;-)


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poor little guy....

so he had to have surgery and a plate put in for a fracture?? why is that? will he always have that metal plate?

i thought they just reset the bone and cast it up? :confused:


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Six years and you haven't been to the ER yet!? What are you doing right?
Well....we have been once but that was when he was two and got bit in the ear by my Dad's dog. But as far as self induced injuries or accidents we've been quite lucky so far.