Bose QC35 not impressed


I'm probably commenting ironically...
I’ve been using the Bose QuietComfort ANR earbuds for years and don’t have many negative things to say about them.
I have had on more than one occasion lost one in a lay-flat seat, which took me a solid 30 minutes to fish out.
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my wife has these we loves them, the only HUGE negative is, if you lose or damage the base, you have to buy all new earbuds, you can't just buy a replacement base....which is horrible


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Telex 8+ UPDATE:

I'm going back to my Telex 850. The 8+ has better audio, ANR and cord, but the deciding factor is the fit and cumbersome case in my flight bag. I did a 6hr night with them and they were almost unbearable, in regards to comfort.

Perhaps you guys will have a better outcome, but I'll be selling these to a buddy.


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Anybody try those Apple Air Pods Pro 2? Wonder how they stack up against the Bose and Sony ANR ear buds? Cancelling out Boeing noise in the cabin will require superior ANC.
They're good, but when you're sitting in the middle seat, at night, then you drop one because you need to tell your seatmate "Cool, you're the top selling regional director and your son is literally the apple of your eye and the #2 goalie in his division, SILENCE!" it gets 'festive'.

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I have the QC35(I really like them) and about to head back to the Airbus real soon. Previously I used the ship set headphones on the Bus but didn’t on the 190 because I wanted my own and bought the A20s. I’ve heard the A20s are overkill on the Bus and will not go back to using a ship set ever. Has anyone used the U-Fly Mike with their QC35s on the bus?