For Sale Bose Aviation X 5.0 hours on her!!!


mmmmmm wine
Hey guys. Brand NOOB here. ;)

I am selling my like new Bose Aviation X. Its the dual plug battery powered version. Hard times are forcing me to sell it. Going back to the good ol Peltor. I know I am new here so nobody knows me. The headset is also being listed on ebay. My ebay user name is theaviatormark, my paypal is feel free to check my feedback I am well verified. Price is 750 plus shipping. For an extra 75 I will include a brand new mic/cord assembly so you have a spare just in case. Never hurts to have one laying around. I paid 200 dollars for the spare mic and 995 for the X. Here are some pics:

Please email me at for questions and to buy. I will respond much faster. Thanks everyone!