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Hey what are some good flight/study books for a up an coming career as an airline pilot to have?

Something that you continue to use/reference and recommend to other fellow pilots.

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I think "Flyingdevil" is looking for books to make the transition from instructing to flying for a regional. He's my CFI.
I have already read Hard Landings don't get me wrong its a good book.

I'm looking in terms more of making the transition from CFI to Regionals/Majors like Missed Approach said.

Thanks for the suggestions so far fellahs
Handling the Big Jets by D.P. Davies is a really good book. He goes into detail about the difference in handling qualities between swept wing jets and piston airplanes. It is not an easy read, but worth it. I got mine for $50.00, but it looks like they are going for alot more now on

The Professional Pilot's Career Guide by Robert Mark was very informative.

Transport Category Aircraft Systems (Jeppesen) should also be good. I have not looked at it, but the companion book for GA aircraft is really good.

If you have not taken the ATP written there is always the GLEIM...I would get it done now if I was you.
If you get the Turbine Pilot's Flight Manual, get version 2 of the book. Much better and more detailed.

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Great book! A super simple and digestable read that makes complex systems of larger aircraft understandable. I think it should be on everyone's must read list. Oh and what the Szluka said about version II is quite true too.