Books on instrument flying?


Weather Flying - Robert Buck
Flying IFR - Richard Collins
Instrument Pilot Flight Manual - Kershner
Instrument Flying - Richard Taylor
IFR: A Structured Approach - John Eckalbar

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Instrument Flying by Trevor Thom...sold by ASA. I've seen them all and I think it's the best...even better than Jeppesen. It's a soft cover, too, so it's cheaper.


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My instructor has me on the Gleim syllabus... I havent started my training yet, but it looks like it will be helpful since I'll be flying with a few different people. Just turn to a lesson and go.


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the Peter Dogan book... I forget the title. Really goes in depth on the control/performance method of instrument flying.


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I read Trevor Thoms ASA book and it was okay IMO.

But, the easiest, most conscise text I read on the subject was (believe it or not) The F.A.A.'s Instrument Flying Handbook.


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I'll second the FAA Instrument Flying Handbook. I also used the Jeppesen Instrument/Commercial manual and thought it was okay. I think the Oral Exam Guide is pretty useful too.


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All you really need to remember is: "watch heading, watch altitude and do what you're told."



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The Jeppesen Instrument Commercial Manual is a good read for covering all the topics on the instrument practical. I read it straight through before my instrument ride, but it's also good to use as a reference whenever you have questions about a particular subject.

Rod Machado's Instrument Pilot's Survival Manual is also a good book to read before you take the test. It is a more entertaining read than the jeppesen book and has a lot of humorous anecdotes peppered in to liven things up.

Besides those two, I used the ASA Oral Exam Guide, the FAA's instrument flying handbook, and the PTS.