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Moving into a new place and just discovered a box with all of my old studying materials. Ive got everything from Private to CFI. Oral and written books and more. If anyone needs any of them Ill take 5 bucks a book. Get them off of my hands please! Let me know in a pm or post which ones you are looking for and will let you know if I have it (probably do).
Here is a list of a few that I found. There's more

Private Pilot Handbook
Private pilot maneuvers
Private pilot syllabus
Private pilot Practical test study guide
Private Piot Airmens knowledge test guide
Private Pilot PTS
Private Pilot airmen knowledge test question bank

Instrument airmen knowledge test guide
Instrument/Commercial syllabus
Instrument/Commercial stage exams
Intro to jepp navagation charts
Instrument PTS
Computer supplement for Instrument Rating
Instrument airmens knowledge test question bank

Commercial airmens knowledge test guide
Commercial airmens knowledge test question bank
Computer supplement for commercial test
Commercial PTS