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So recently I deveoped a boil on my butt and it is excruciatingly painful especially when I sit down. I have an appointment with a dermadoctor tomorrow morning to make sure it is not MRSA (How rapid is the testing for that these days? Used to be 3 days.) The constant low-level pain kind of gives me a headache and makes me very slightly nauseus, just enough that I have to force myself to eat or I won't (which probably would just exacerbate the situation.)

Whats the common treatment for this if it is a boil?

Can I fly while on the antibiotics if it is MRSA?


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Ironically I just had something similar taken care of in my armpit. Talk about a tender area! It could be folliculitus caused by any of a number of strain of bacteria. The ER physician ordered a culture and I am waiting to find out what bacterium was responsible.

In the meantime, I have an armpit stuffed with gauze for drainage and to ensure the wound heals from the inside out. I'm also taking antibiotics- but I'm unable to perform my duties as I cannot lift my arm or pull with much force.


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So I went to the doctor today and she cut me up like a thanksgiving turkey (but was very apologetic while doing so) and prescribed me some antibiotics. Now the lidocaine is starting to wear off... :(