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Boeing Resumes Development of Jet
Wednesday March 12, 2:52 pm ET
By Jonathan Stempel

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Boeing Co. (NYSE:BA - News), the world's largest commercial aircraft maker, on Wednesday said it will resume development of a long-haul jetliner it mothballed when air travel slumped after the Sept. 11 attacks.

The 300-passenger jet -- the 777-200LR, which stands for "long range" -- would fly up to 10,500 miles, allowing nonstop trips from New York to Singapore, Los Angeles to Mumbai, India, and Chicago to Sydney, Boeing said.

"It's a very successful product line, and makes Boeing squarely competitive with Airbus' 330 and 340 products," said Robert Mann, an airline consultant at R.W. Mann & Co. in Port Washington, New York. Airbus SAS (XETRA:EAD.DE - News; Paris:EAD.PA - News) is Boeing's chief commercial aircraft rival.
If the industry were nothing but CRJs and 777s, I'd be happy.

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That would be weird to graduate from a CRJ and find yourself flying an aircraft about 100 times larger. It would be cool though.