Boeing 737 Max return to skies... then I saw this


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They kinda are with China's Comac ARJ21
Borrowed/stollen/influenced by the MD80s/90s that were license built over there? You be the judge

They bought the design and tooling a 100 years ago when dinosaurs ruled earth. It took them this long and longer to figure out how to make it themselves and get it certified. Its a 1950s design, they finally have something that flies without blowing up, working on that thing may have paid for 30 or 40 hours of flying in the 172 i used to own taking a very ex girlfriend to block island for romantic dinners and the vfr corridor in nyc. China helped some americans get laid, lets not • on them for it ok?


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I do so hope that the Toddler stops by for a zoom chat someday so that you two can have a free and frank exchange of views regarding your 717 fatwah.
Me schooling him will have to wait until we can once again meet in person. I’m so sick of Zoom that I could throw my MacBook across the room. :bounce:

P.S. I find it offensive that the 717, the aircraft fit for gods, is even mentioned in a thread about that godforsaken 1960s era tin can whose corpse Boeing keeps dragging through the centuries.

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un-glorified DC-9. No engine restrictions on the DC-9 so it climbs better than a pregnant duck.
I rode on the jumpseat of one out of SLC and there was this big, long note on the flight release about climb gradients required for the RNAV SIDs. "DO NOT RETRACT THE SLATS UNTIL THIS INTERSECTION OR YOU WILL MAKE SOME CREEP ON OUR ERC WORK ON YOUR PILOT DEVIATION!!!!1one."


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I don’t think so, Microsoft would have bought them by now.

Remember Skype? It’s now called Microsoft Teams and must admit, Teams is a lot better than Zoom.
Microsoft Teams is the worst piece of garbage that Microsoft has ever made. And that's saying a lot. We get it for free with our Office 365 subscription, and I still pay for Zoom instead.

un-glorified DC-9. No engine restrictions on the DC-9 so it climbs better than a pregnant duck.
For the 1,489th time, there are no engine restrictions on the 717.


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what? You’re always saying they use de-rated climb performance to save on engine wear and tear. That’s an engine restriction.
No, a restriction would be something you're...restricted by. The pilot can select full CLB power at any time they'd like and get climb performance that would make you quite happy. The airlines simply choose not to.

Worst. Software. Evar!