Blood Pressure


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i had a regular physical done at my doctors a month before my first flight physical to make sure everything was good and i wouldnt have any problems, my blood pressure at my doctors was 126/67 normal. then at first flight physical was 152/82(my first flight physical ever so maybe nervous), we had to take it three times and by third time i was 139/80, under the 140/90 marker. lately i have been curious about my blood pressure, because its almost time to renew my medical, and i have been back up near and sometimes over 140/90 (well never been over the 90 marker on any test). I drink mountain dew regularly like 3 cans or more a day, i know thats bad. If i cut the soda completely will that dramatically help ? and what other suggestions do you have for lowering blood pressure (losing weight, eating certain foods, etc....) thanks again for your time doc