Big snag in my plans LOL


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Well, got the exciting news that my wife is expecting. What does that mean for my prospective flying career?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
1)Now I gotta get a job that pays, so back to I.T. I go, leaving the line job.
2)I'll still train toward flying commercially, but only at a much slower rate LOL.
3)The realization and acceptance that I can work a standard 9 to 5, and be a weekend flyer!!!!!!!!
Has anybody else experienced or experiencing the same predicament. Let me know how you're handling it.
Congratulations !! I think

No, seriously.. Congratulations!!!!!!
I've been there and done that my friend. I want to finish my CFI but the little one always hinders plans when you can't find someone to babysit. It is tough to find time to do anything, but things will work out. Congrats!!!

I am in the same shoes where I work 9 to 10 hour days. I try to fit in a minimum of two lessons per week and fly on the weekend if possible. It is more difficult to make measurable progress because you won't have as much time to devote to flying but not impossible. As with everything else in life things will work out.
I'm on the same boat!!
Hang in there

My wife is due on November (our 2nd)..And for me it means:
1) Get a bigger/newer vehicle (ie minivan)
2) Move to a house (3 bdrms at least) a 2/2 apartment is not big enough
3) Finish Commercial in 2 months
4) Start "investing" in diapers
5) If there's any $$ left go for multi, or CFI at a sloooow pace

My problem: I'm 37 and a change of careers is becoming more difficult each day....
Any inputs are welcome!!

My problem: I'm 37 and a change of careers is becoming more difficult each day....
Any inputs are welcome!!

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I hear ya!!!!!!!!
Look at ATP. They have some accelerated rating courses, but check to see they can work with you timewise. They are my saving grace. I plan to enroll in their new 10-month commercial program.
I feel your pain. I am 34 and just finished my PPL. My instrument starts soon. I have 2 kids, 5 & 3 and with them and alternating schedules with my wife it is very hard to get the time to fly. I bought the bigger car, the 3 br house. The youngest is just about out of diapers though.
As with everything else, it will work out. Your kid/s will grow to love the flying. My son could not wait until daddy got his airplane "license plate". He enjoys it immensely. Good luck and congrats........
My situation wasn't quite the same, but it's similar. I was doing the once or twice a week thing until I lost my job back in December, and then I started flying a lot more. In my case, until I get a new job, I'm going to fly as much as I can and bang out as many ratings as I can.

I've taken a job waiting tables and a retail job to pay the bills but those jobs give me time to fly.

At some point, I will have to take out a loan to continue to fly. However, the Bank of Dad has said that since he coughed up a lot more money to pay for my brother and sister's law and medical school respectively, he'll help me get my ratings if I can't afford it. Even though I'll feel like a real dork asking him for money, I figure it's better to owe him money than it is to owe Sallie Mae money.