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I had a fun flight a few days ago, it was the first time I can remember that I flew on non-jet commercial aircraft. It was on Big Sky Airlines on their Fairchild Metros. There is no door or curtian on the cockpit so I sat up at the front and could see out the front window and see everything the pilots were doing.

Does anybody know anything about this airline and their hiring practices? The reason I ask is because the pilots (particularly the FOs) looked EXTREMELY young. Anyone ever applied there? Also, I noticed (and I flew 4 legs with 4 different crews) that the FOs never took off or landed, and never (that I notcied) even touched the wheel during flight. Are they just check airmen or something?? Anyway, looked like it might be a fun place to work, the pilots were really nice and laid-back.
I pulled this from their website if it helps.

Flight Crew
Resumes are not being accepted at this time for pilot positions.
Preferred minimum hours for applicants:
- 1500 hours total time
- 500 hours multi engine time
Big Sky Airlines does not currently employ Flight Attendants.
I have a friend who works there...probably a Capt by now. He's a mid-life career changer and likes the stick and rudder he enjoys the metro. He got hired at around 1000 total but that was pre-9/11...don't think he ever got his CFI.

Big Sky is a small company and I'm sure it helps a lot to know someone on the inside and be a Montana boy...though my friend is from Seattle.

Big Sky got bought out by Mesaba, I think, and there is some fear that management is going to use them as an alter ego airline a la the Freedom/Mesa thing. Hopefully, that won't happen...
Big Sky is based out of Billings. All they fly is Metros (maybe Merlins too? not sure but they are pretty similar I think) It serves lot of out in the middle of nowhere towns in eastern montana like glasgow, miles city, sidney, and glendive. It goes as far as Olympia, WA to Bismark, ND.

I know they do hire quite a few Montanans. (hopefully me in a couple years).