Big News: Dr. Forred Retires


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It's an announcement that's hard to make, but I'm happy to report.

It's hard because Walt's been a friend of the Jetcareers community for years and a true "pilot advocate" flight surgeon. I've always had "White Coat Syndrome" where the mere act of stepping into an AME's office would shoot my blood pressure up by 20 points automatically.

Patty and Walt broke that. It ceased to be a nerve wracking event and became a trip down to Central Phoenix to have a check in with two good friends and oh, by the way, weight, eyes, ears and occasionally enough stickers from the EKG reader that I felt like I was getting sponsored by NASCAR. We'd talk about our families, travel, the website, anything and everything under the sun.

Walt has a certain patience that was a breath of fresh air to the website when people would ask questions. I was glad to have him onboard because he'd answer the tough questions and was calm and patient enough to answer the, well, more "interesting" questions as well because he has the heart of a teacher.

Dana, his wife and Walt are starting a new phase as full-time grandparents and although it's a great loss for Jetcareers and aviators around the country, but his legacy lives on from his days as a Army Doc during the Vietnam War to that final flight physical today.

Dr. Ross will be absorbing the practice and Patty, his nurse, will be transitioning over as well. Hopefully, Dr. Ross will join us at Jetcareers to answer our questions.

A hearty "Thank You" from all of us at Jetcareers for your years of service, your patience and helping keep us all in the air.

The first round is always on me, my friend.



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Enjoy retirement Dr. Forred, and thanks for answering all of the questions posed to you on the medical section here the past few years. I know I had some answered myself, and I'm just one of many.


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Enjoy your retirement! Never had to ask you anything, but it was always nice to know that I could.


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Thank you Dr. Forred for all you have done for Jetcareers. You're expertise and helpfulness in what can be a frustrating process is forever appreciated!


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HUGE asset to our community that will be sorely missed. Thank you for the assistance that you gave me personally, with no expectation of profiting - the absolute sign of someone contributing altruistically.