Best Training Aircraft?


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Just wondering what airplane out of these three you think would be the best to train with and why. Either the C-150, C-172, or PA28-180.


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All are fine aircraft.

I would pick the 152 if money was an issue and you and your instructor could fit well.

The 172 is a great aircraft, it'll cost you a little more than the 152 but is far more comfortable.

The Pa28-180 is more similar to the 172 in terms of size and performance and being comfortable. I prefer the low wing aircraft visibility.

Consider also that you can transition rather easily between the Cessna 152 and 172 should you find that you don't like 152 or if the 172 is costing more than you had anticipated.


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Nope. Primary instruction isn't really conducted in retractable gear aircraft because of the additional cost/insurance/complexity.

Edit: Funny thought...C-152RG. The drag of the retracting gear (ala the rest of the Cessna RG's) would practically bring that thing to a stop!


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I'd suggest to anyone the C-172, but since I own a C-152 and conduct usually all of my training (I give cheap rentals out to my students) in them. I do how ever prefer a C-172 but I cant afford one, and the C-152 was a handy down from my uncle who sold it to moe for 700 Dollars (yep thats right) because he couldnt fly any more (getting old-heart problems). If you're gunna do training though, unless the rental is to high I'd suggest a C-172.


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any opinions on: Lynx, Tomahwak, Skipper?

how do you feel they stack up in the mix?

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What's a Lynx?


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Grumman Lynx, it was in one of the pilot magazines...think it was an AA1 or something. small two seat trainer


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You don't find many of the little Grumman's around. There was the Trainer, the TR-2, and the Lynx. They are cool looking 2 seaters with no doors...the canopy slides back just like a fighter. They have small wings and so they have higher landing and stalling speeds compared to a 152...I would say they are less forgiving than a Cessna. I don't know of any schools that use them as trainers but they would make a great little personal plane and if you bought one there wouldn't be any reason you couldn't learn in it.

The Skipper was a short lived Beechcraft trainer. I know of only two schools in my who state that use them. They look exactly like the Piper Tomahawk but are probably better built....typical Beechcraft quality. They are a pretty rare aircraft.

The Tomahawk was Pipers answer to the 152. I've never flown one but some people don't like their stall/spin characteristics...they say not as forgiving as a Cessna. You will occasionally find a flight school running Tomahawks, but not many.

Both the Grumman and the Tomahawk can be bought for under 20K. The Skippers are more expensive, in typical Beech fashion.