Best School in Australia?


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Can anyone give me information about the school in Australia Adelaide name "BAE SYSTEM Flight Training"? This flight school train quite a few major airliners' sponsor cadet pilots. They do offers private funding students too, but it's quite hard to get in I heard. Because you have to actually fly to Adelaide and take a two weeks flying aptitude test (cost $4000USD) before they consider you into the 60 week program.

Anyone can give me their comments and opinions for this school?
I've read some people here in the forum actually fly away from their home Australia to the U.S to learn fly. Is that mean the U.S flight training is better?
Please help! My head is exploding on searching flight schools around the world! I don't want to waste my hard earning money and time. Please help folks!


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What about reputation? Those major airliners train their cadets there, if you are graduate at that school in Australia, will that make your resume look better?


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I don't know anything about that school. I don't think going to it would make your resume look any better than going else where.

From what I understand the airlines don't care where u get your ratings just as long as you meet their requirements, and have them!

Maybe someone else can confirm that but...



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There is something to be said for going to a school where they're training airline cadets. I went to Cabair in the UK and they had a large class of BA cadets going through at the time. At the end of my training the Chief Flight Instructor said he would probably be able to hook me up with BA if I wanted, because some of the cadets were not going to pass muster and they needed to fill in the gaps. So, as far as making some good contacts, it can make a difference.



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Yes, I do think training in U.S is cheaper than Australia. Have you guys thought about training in Canada? Canada's flight training schools CPL package is much cheaper than U.S too!?!? What do you think?


The other problem right now is the Aussie dollar is VERY strong (I know all about it!!!!!) which makes training there even more expensive.


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I'm over here right now in Melbourne doing my training as part of my university degrees. BAE is a fantasic school in Adelaide but also check out General Flying Services (GFS) in Melbourne ( ). GFS has brand new aircraft and fantastic training - this is where I train so I'm pretty biased. As far as airline contracts, GFS holds the Qantas contract for Victoria with a New South Wales base in Sydney. I've never been to a school in the states so I'm not sure how to compare, but I've been told that the Australian system is somewhat similar in a level of difficulty to the JAR standards. Hope this helps a bit.


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Sonic Cat,

To the best of my knowledge, BAE Systems sold both of their flying schools over a year ago.

I don't know who has the Aussy one now. The one in Jerez, Spain, is still operating, but under new ownership.

I reckon doing JAA in the US is still by far the best option.