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Now that i have my commercial and soon to be CFI. I figured its time i get a membership to a job board. Just wondering what yall think is the best one to subscribe to and if it is worth subscribing at all. Thanks.


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Personally, I'd suggest working on your network.

Primarily because once jobs hit any type of online bulletin board, thousands (especially in this economy) have already heard about it and applied for it. But if you have friends and networking contacts in your desired field, you're going to find out immediately about openings before anyone else does.

I have to occasionally remind the bride about that! ;)


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Thanks brotha!

I'm just telling you what has always worked for me!


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Good points. Networking will generally get you further than a national job listinig website. That being said, I used climbto350, it got me a few interviews but nothing I either got, or wanted to take. Although I know there are a few people here that got very good jobs off of it.


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I have the big 3 (will fly for food, find a pilot, and climb to 350). Once my subscriptions run out I will not renew. Unless you are a +1000 TT hour pilot there is very few jobs on the sites. Everything that is in your time range is usually posted here on jc anyway.

Hope that helps


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I'll second 350. I've gotten several interviews and about twice as many email responses from applications I have sent in through that site.