Best computer?


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Kind of off topic, but what would you guys think that the best computer for FS2002 and the new one would be? I dont know much about computers as far as performance and specs go, so I hoping that some of you guys do!


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One with a hefty amount of RAM, and at least a 64 bit video card. Shoot for a 128 bit video card if you really want the graphics to be smokin'.


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Well, I just built my newest machine, and FS2002 screams. I get awesome frame rates, and it never skips a beat. I also play alot of UT2003, Medal of Honor and Ghost Recon. They all play well!! Stats on the system are:

FIC AN19E Motherboard
256 MB PC2700 DDR Ram
ATI Radeon 9000 Pro 128 MB AGP Graphics Card
60 GB 7200 RPM Maxtor Hard Drive
19" ViewSonic monitor

That's really the heart of the system.....I'm still running Win98 because I haven't felt enough need to buy XP....maybe I will soon! the most important thing for a game like FS2002 is a fast processor, and LOTS of RAM (256 should be enough).

Another thing...if you're gonna play alot of games, keep any extra programs from running in the background. They'll steal your resources and slow things down. Often when you buy a computer off the shelf, they put all kinds of crap on there, and most of the time you never use it!!!


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FS2002 is extreemely processor hungry. You want the fastest CPU you can afford. If you have money left over get some extra RAM and a fast video card, but a fast processor is a must.

Ideally you want...
1.5-2.0 GHz CPU (1GHz min.)
512MB RAM (at least 128MB)
128MB video card (at least 64MB)

Video cards with Nvidia processors are best. ATI cards have a few glitches with FS2002.


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I have an Athlon 1.7ghz w/ 64mb nvidia card.. and it still chugs sometimes... best bet is to get the most power you can afford, and especially load up on RAM (256+) and a smokin' video card.


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I'm running a new Gateway 500X.

2.4 GHz Intel with a 533 Bus(very important)
512 DDR Ram
80 gig hard drive
128 DDR Nividia Graphics card
17inch Flat Screen

I cna finaly play FS2002 will all the graphics on high!


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Of course....if you want overpriced hardware, and you like working to find a MAC when you really need one....

I'm too much of a hacker to mess with Apple machines......more fun inside of PC's!!


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The problem is you guys are on the wrong platform. Apple is the way!

[/ QUOTE ]

Come to the dark side Ophir.

Seriously though, I've heard a lot of people say that Macs are superior and I guess I don't know enough about them to be able to disagree. Especially with Microsoft producing the crap that they normally do. But the fact of the matter is, the software selection for Macs just isn't there, plus they are not nearly as upgradable, and they are etreemely proprietary. Enough to push me to the darkside and deal with Microsoft crapware.


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Build your own, or get someone else to custom build it to your specs, its the best way to go! You get better performance, better upgrade capability, and better warranties.


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Go to a small tech shop with a good rep and build your own. Stay away from the big retail computer stores, they charge you an arm and a leg and they really don't know what they are doing.


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I'd have to agree with can buy parts online @ or . Those are both reputable sites with good prices...better prices than you'll get from any major chain. Ask questions, talk to people, and decide what you want....then crunch the numbers!!!


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If you want to fly online on, DON'T get a Linksys Router for your broadband gateway. Nothing but trouble and I can't get it to work. Driving me nuts!


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Alright all you computer savvy young'uns, an oldster has a question for you. On my computer, a Dell Dimension 4300, MSFS 2002 is kind of "sticky". It has a tendency, especially on the chase plane views, to stick for a second and then jump forward. I should have plenty of processing power (pentium 4, 1.7Ghz) and enough RAM (256MB), but I have a wimpy video card at only 32MB. Could this be the culprit? If so, how do I get a better one without getting a new computer? Many thanks in advance.


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Hey Chris!

I use a linksys router (4 port/Wireless AP)!

Tell me about your configuration and I can probably help you work on the config for it.

It took me a while too, but most of the problems were with my network config on my computers.


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For a new video card, you shouldn't have a problem. The Dell 4300-series machines are really easy to get inside of, and your computer has an AGP port. This is a special slot on the motherboard that allows you to use many of the newer higher-end video cards. Depending on how much money you want to spend, I reccommend the ATI Radeon 9000 Pro 128 MB card (I know somebody else said they didn't like it, but I've had no issues with it). You can pick one up for about $120 dollars, and it really makes life sweet. If you want to go a little lower, you could get an Nvidia GeForce MX440SE card for <$100.'s not a true "Geforce" graphics processing unit, but it performs pretty well. This will definately speed up your game. And remember, get all those little programs in the task bar out of there! FS2002 doesn't like other software running in the background!!!


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you gotta get a dual monitor set up. I know it sounds excessive, but once you've had it, you can't go back. I even had to take my pilot's wings off because they were starting to smoke.

Dual 17"


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I even had to take my pilot's wings off because they were starting to smoke.

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