Best CFI Study material?


Did you lock the doors?
So what do y'all think is the best study guides for the cfi written and the FOI? how bout some suggestions for some good reading (besides the FAR's:)) to get ready for the initial posted in the previous thread, i'm doing my MEI for the initial, so looking for some special consideratioins to think about, but really would like some good guidance on good reading...thanks all..
Ok there is a lot of books you will need. Having the FAA books with you on the checkride will help. Everything from the PTS comes from the FAA handbooks. The two handbooks are for free at the website and they are the new edition which are way better than the one made back in the 80's or 90's. They are pretty big books so if I were you I'd buy them because they have great color pictures as well.

Here are the links for ones you can buy.
Well this one is a combo of the pilots handbook of aeronautical knowledge and the airplane flying handbook which does have a pretty big multi chapter. The price is $35.

Here are other books you will need
This is the Aviation Instructors Handbook which is your FOI. This is the new edition and has a lot of new material and different wording. It could be a problem for the FAA examiners since it is new they might have not of read it and catch up on the new material.

Those two Gliem Books are great for the test.
For the lesson plan portion Gliem offers lesson plan notes and outlines for EVERYTHIG in the PTS.

Hope this list helps.
For the writtens, I just used the Gleim. for the checkride, in addition to the FAA texts, I spent a lot of time reading the following...

Also, UND has a series of podcasts on iTunes in which they demonstrate all the private, commercial/cfi and instrument tasks. They can be a valuable resource for your students. Hope that helps.
You need.... hmmmm.... everything you can think of....

BTW, I used Gleim for the FOI and CFI written... worked great!
I used the Gliem CFI kit as well. I passed everything. I was impressed with it overall. I got the one that used the online study, not the disks.

this way I could study from any place that had internet access
yeah i think gleim is what i'm gonna use for the writtens...thats a great list jawright, thanks...what do y'all think of the kershners books? anybody read the Instructional Methods for Flight Instructors?.. can't remember the author..